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Helping aspiring EF Coaches make the leap into EF coaching by teaching them the skills, strategies and approaches to provide EF coaching online so they feel confident and prepared

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Live Coaching Twice A Month

In this meeting, academy members learned about how to assess for executive function skills. 

Each month we will have a Live Q&A and a Live Class on a topic related to executive function coaching or entrepreneurship.

Access to courses based on your unique needs (coaching, technology, marketing, branding)

Here, we explored how to position yourself as an authority in your region through a range of techniques. 

On-demand access to all my courses, webinars and live classes. 

Access To All My Templates & Tools For Helping Students Succeed

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What Do Participants Say?

" will help me guide students to be confident, motivated, and self-reliant learners."

Amy Minkley

As a teacher of 16 years, I took the "Becoming an Online Executive Function Specialist” course, so I could effectively guide students to build these essential skills, empowering them to be organized, successful, and independent learners. I learned current research and best-practice strategies to build executive functioning skills, while also positively engaging with students and their families. The course included many practical tools to help students break down their goals into achievable steps, utilize technology and support structures, and communicate effectively with their teachers. Given that research indicates executive functioning skills are the most important skills that determine academic success, this course would be useful to teachers, tutors, and parents. It will help you guide young people and may help you personally; I consider myself well-organized, and I learned new EF techniques that are now helping me to reach my personal goals. Most importantly, it will help me guide students to be confident, motivated, and self-reliant learners. And as a bonus, I love that I can easily teach EF skills online.

"Exactly what I needed"

by Alicia Solazano

"This course was exactly what I needed to transition from working with students in a resource room setting to private coaching."

"Had my first EF client tonight!"

By Laurie McDevitt

"I just wanted to share that I had my first EF client tonight! It went really well! Thanks for your help and support! Sean’s course was great! He is an excellent, articulate, knowledgeable speaker. His visuals were easy to follow and the content was so relevant. I am so motivated and prepared because of him and his course! I highly recommend!"

Thank you so much for this amazing course

Joan O.

"I am a teacher and a parent. I took this course in the wake of seeking to know how to practical ways to support my daughter who has challenges with executive functions (EF) among many other health issues. While I was attending Sean's webinar on "Fostering Executive Function At School and Home," I was inspired by the testimonies he is doing and I wanted to learn more. I realized that I needed the training that Sean offers to be a blessing to my daughter and many of other students known to me, who have similar challenges. I am so glad that I took this course to become an online executive function specialist. I am excited about the possibility of working from home to provide support for students with EF challenges. Thank you so much for this amazing course."

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Your Enthusiastic Instructor 👨🏼‍🏫

Senior Instructor Sean McCormick

Sean McCormick is a parent, husband and international executive function coach. He founded Executive Function Specialists, a remote coaching business that empowers middle, high school and college students to learn goal-orientated behaviors that lead to happy, productive lives. Sean also hosts the Earn More Tutoring Podcast with a mission of eradicating educator poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship. You can learn more about Sean’s work by Googling Executive Function Specialists or Earn More Tutoring.