ADHD Parent Support Group

Helping parents of children with ADHD feel calm, connected and capable

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Complete the application for the ADHD Parent Support Group

Have you been experiencing any of the following challenges parenting your child with ADHD?

  • Your child get angry when you set limits to keep them safe?

  • You feel frustrated and worn down, and may even question your parenting skills?

  • You wonder if your efforts as parents make any difference?


  • When are meetings?

    We will meet virtually 3x per month for 1 hour from 6-7pm (PST) to address some of the unique issues, needs and challenges faced by having a child with ADHD. The meeting schedule will be shared once we have the minimum number of sign ups for our next cohort.

  • What am I paying for? What does the $349 include?

    Your payment will cover the cost of attending parent support meetings, accessing our online portal with additional resources, and one to one support via messaging and email from the course facilitator.

  • What happens after I sign up?

    After you sign up, you will create a username and password to log in to the online portal. From there, you will be able to see the Zoom link and dates for all upcoming meetings. Please note, the meeting dates and links will not be posted until we have met the minimum number of sign ups for the next cohort. You will be emailed when this occurs.

  • Are there any refunds?

    Once the cohort begins, all sales are final. If you decide to forfeit your spot before the course opens, you can receive a full refund minus transaction fees. Please email: if you would like to opt out of the group before it starts.

Do you want the following?

  • Increased positive interactions between you and your child?

    Children with ADHD who are parented critically and harshly are much more likely to engage in criminal behavior and substance use in adolescence and adulthood. In contrast, children with ADHD who receive calm, consistent parenting, although still impulsive, are far less likely to become delinquent.

  • To like spending time with your family more?

    The goal here is simple: help family members “like” each other more. We have parents watch for and praise their children’s positive behaviors, and make supportive statements. This “opens a window” for reducing negative parenting, including harshness, verbal criticism, and highly emotional reactions.

  • To improve your child's self-regulation?

    Effective parenting is immensely important for teaching children self-regulation, regardless of whether children have ADHD. Behavioral self-regulation cannot be learned when we continually experience physiological threat responses because of family conflict. Rather, self-regulation is best learned through positive parenting, including consistency, calm limit-setting, and examples.

Course curriculum

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About this course

  • $349.00

Each Cohort Includes 👇

6 Live Meetings

Connect with parents just like you!

Each meeting you will: 

  • Increase awareness of executive function skills 
  • Learn to nurture the emotional development of your child
  • Find parenting peers
  • Build lasting friendships 
  • Learn parenting strategies to reduce conflict  
  • Identify resources to help manage your child’s  diagnosis and preserve your physical and emotional health throughout the process.

Access to tools & templates that will help your student succeed

Private Online Community

Connect with other parents and facilitators in our private online community. 

What are parents saying?

"I can not say enough about how supportive Kinyatta has been anytime I reach out with questions or concerns."

We were referred to EF Specialists for our high school aged son to help him with organization and study skills after a recent ADHD diagnosis. He was paired with Kinyatta, and has been working with her for almost 5 months. Kinyatta has been so helpful. #1) alleviating arguments over homework assignments, #2) providing our son with helpful tips for organization with assignments and progress management (he is enrolled in Honors & AP classes), and #3) working as a team with me to best help my son as a whole. Any academic issues or red flags I see, I can alert Kinyatta and she will reiterate with my son to double up the effort. Kinyatta's background as a former academic/athletic scholarship student - is one of many reasons our son respects Kinyatta and sees her as a role model to listen to - and then of course she is way cooler and not a "lame" as his parents. :-) I can not say enough about how supportive Kinyatta has been to our son with his organizational and learning needs. As well as with me anytime I reach out with questions or concerns. Kinyatta gels well with kids, and holds them accountable. And she works really well with the parents to provide a seamless support system for the kids. Basically, we can't recommend her enough!

"EFS has saved our family."

Catherine Simon, Parent

"EFS has saved our family. Having a tween with ADHD and 3 other children has proven to be very stressful for everyone. Having Kinyatta to assist and support us and our son to develop his own systems and ability to navigate school and life has been an incredible gift. I cannot recommend enough."

"It's the outcome we hoped for. "

Alexis Garcia

"Kinyatta at EF Specialist was a the third party or maybe a "third eye" for us with our sophomore son. Her involvement in his school work and help to voice that it's important to turn in homework has been beyond beneficial to him (and us). The fall grade were Ds and Cs and now he's aiming for an A in Chemistry and Bs in his other class. For us that is a measurable and noticeable difference. It's the outcome we hoped for. And for our son it's the confidence he needs to know he can get the work done. ADHD comes with challenges and Kinyatta addressed those to make the work flow more accessible. We are so thankful for Kinyatta, her positive attitude brings results."


  • Can I bring my partner?

    Yes, all the participants are welcome to bring a partner or significant other.

  • Can I log in from my phone?

    Yes, you can log in to your course from your phone or computer to access all the group resources and meeting links.

  • What if I need to miss a meeting?

    Unfortunately, we are not offering refunds or make up credits for missed meetings. To protect the privacy of the group, meeting will not be recorded, so if you cannot make all meetings it may be best to consider joining another cohort.

Parenting can be overwhelming. We can help.

Group Facilitator

Group Facilitator Kinyatta Reynolds

Hello inspiring humans, I am Kinyatta. I have three very active children, ages 13, 11 and 7. I attended Seattle Pacific University, where I received both an academic and athletic scholarship, in Track and Field. I continued my education and running career at the University of Washington where I earned my BA in Sociology. During my career, I discovered that I have a love and passion for helping youth become more independent, organized and problem-solving thinkers. As an EF Specialist my goal is to engage my students both personally and academically, in a non-judgmental setting. One of my strengths is meeting students where they are. I want them to know that I am here to motivate them to learn the tools necessary to see success within themselves, because with success comes confidence. When a student begins to gain confidence they are more willing to implement new strategies and techniques to launch them forward in school and in life. As a former collegiate student-athlete, I find joy in working with students who are struggling to find the balance of extra-curricular activities, sports and school. Teaching students the tips and tricks to be successful on and off the field. My ideal client would have a family who is willing to participate in this process, is flexible and open to feedback. I love being able to partner with the family in order to help keep all of us accountable in supporting the student. My goal is to see school no longer be a negative part of your child/parent relationship. I specialize in working with students who have ADHD, have trouble with regulating emotions, struggle with self-advocacy, time management, task chunking and other EF skills. My current clients are 6th-9th grade, college or transitioning out, as well as parents seeking support. As a certified S.E.N.G. facilitator, I also offer support groups for parents and caregivers who find themselves struggling with the challenges of raising a neurodiverse and/or 2e student. One the weekends you can find me on the soccer field, being the stereotypical soccer mom! I look forward to meeting you and helping your students reach their potential, by encouraging them to believe in themselves!

Group Facilitator Lindsay Sigrist

My name is Lindsay, and having ADHD myself, I am passionate about education and executive functioning skills. I earned two teaching credentials (multiple subject and Special Education) and a Masters Degree in Special Education. My BA is in Psychology, and I’m a proud UC Berkeley alum! Before joining the EFS team, I was the manager and instructor of the College to Career Program, a comprehensive higher education program for students with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism at Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa. Before working at SRJC, I was a substitute teacher for Charter Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, a math and transition teacher at a residential and high school program in Northern California, a grant writer and consultant, and a project manager for a community center in Northern California. My pedagogy is rooted in supporting students in finding joy in learning and becoming lifelong learners, without shame or judgment. My approach to education is to meet students where they are, and to work collaboratively with family and other key stakeholders to support students in reaching their goals. I specialize in working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, and in teaching emotional regulation strategies. One of my strengths is showing students that they are unconditionally supported, and that their perspective is unique and valuable. My passion for education lies in supporting students to find confidence in themselves through learning, and supporting students in growing through education. In my free time I enjoy cross stitching, houseplants, hiking, hanging out with my two dogs, and spending time with my family.